Automotive Acquisition Advocate is a Car Buyers Advocate

     With Automotive Acquisition Advocate, the focus is as much on convenience as it is on obtaining a great deal on your next new vehicle lease or purchase. We are friendly and knowledgeable car buying consultants. Our service is comparable to that of a buyer’s agent in the Real Estate Market, however we assist in making your next vehicle purchase a satisfying experience. You wouldn’t buy a house without having an agent to represent your best interest during negotiations of your new home; automobile purchases are a major investment and deserve similar consideration. We are car buying specialist, dedicated to helping you no matter which automotive manufacturer you choose for your next new vehicle. Let Automotive Acquisition Advocate be your professional car negotiator. Instead of haggling with dealers over options and spending hours of your valuable time on the web, visiting several dealerships or making numerous phone calls around town, we will be your car buying advocate.



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