About Us

Automotive Acquisition Advocated was founded by a former banker who decided it was time to level the playing field after assisting a loyal client in getting a fair deal on her new vehicle. The core mission of this car buying concierge service is to save consumers time, money and frustration. When using a car buying service such as Automotive Acquisition Advocate you can rest assured that you will get a better deal than if you were toon you own, in a fraction of the time not to mention avoiding the typical haggling as well as hassle of running all over town.


Consumer Advocate

Beyond obtaining great deals for our clients, we remove the self doubt and pain associated with a new vehicle purchase by offering a streamline process.


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Professional Car Negotiator

With Automotive Acquisition Advocate the focus is as much on convenience as it is on a great price. We are friendly and knowledgeable car buying consultants. Let a Buyer’s Agent assist in making your next vehicle purchase a satisfying experience. An Advocate will help you no matter which manufacturer you choose for your next new vehicle.

Our pledge to you is that I will have your best interest at heart. Automotive Acquisition advocate will to the best of its ability strive to use its connections, and persuasion to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. With us in your corner, you will bypass the common frustrations associated with buying a new vehicle. 

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