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Should you prefer not to pay an upfront charge and or rather go through the process of locating the exact vehicle you want and negotiating the best possible deal for yourself you may present it to us for review. Upon receipt of a WRITTEN quotation from any dealer that is inclusive of all your requested equipment and a sum total.

Your sum total, also known as “out the door” costs (including MSRP, taxes, title & license fees),  I will review your deal
and upon finding a better deal the fee will be half the savings of the what I was able to obtain for you, not exceeding $2,000. For example, if we improve your deal by saving you $3000 my fee would be $1,500 your net savings would be $1,500 more than what you thought was the best deal. If I save you $6,000 then the fee would be $2,000 and your net savings would be $4,000. If I cannot beat your deal you pay nothing and walk away having the peace of mind that you’ve got the best deal for your region.  No up front charge; Deal Review option is only available if hired specifically for that service.

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